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Science Rules!


Welcome to 7th & 8th grade Science.


8th grade Newton's 3 Law Poster Project Due on 10/23


7th grade Photosynthesis & Respiration Poster Due on 10/23


Poster Requirements are listed in the chapter folders


Agendas have been posted for the week of 10/13 -10/24


IMG_1276.jpg IMG_1277.jpg IMG_1278.JPG Osmosis Lab Osmosis Lab Osmosis Lab IMG_2096.jpg IMG_1225.jpg IMG_1227.jpg IMG_1231.jpg IMG_1234.jpg IMG_1237.jpg IMG_1238.jpg IMG_1239.jpg IMG_1242.jpg IMG_1280.jpg IMG_1282.jpg IMG_1283.jpg IMG_1284.jpg IMG_1285.jpg IMG_1286.jpg IMG_1287.jpg IMG_1289.jpg IMG_1290.jpg IMG_1292.jpg IMG_1293.jpg IMG_1294.jpg IMG_1296.jpg IMG_1297.jpg IMG_1514.jpg IMG_1515.jpg IMG_1518.jpg IMG_1519.jpg IMG_1529.jpg IMG_1530.jpg IMG_1532.jpg IMG_1534.jpg IMG_1536.jpg IMG_1648.jpg IMG_1653.jpg IMG_1684.jpg IMG_1685.jpg IMG_1686.jpg IMG_1687.jpg IMG_1688.jpg IMG_1689.jpg IMG_1691.jpg IMG_1692.jpg IMG_1693.jpg IMG_1904.jpg IMG_1906.jpg IMG_1907.jpg IMG_1908.jpg IMG_1910.jpg IMG_1918.jpg IMG_1919.jpg IMG_2076.jpg IMG_2077.jpg IMG_2080.jpg IMG_2081.jpg IMG_2082.jpg IMG_2083.jpg IMG_2085.jpg IMG_2088.jpg IMG_2090.jpg IMG_2093.jpg IMG_2094.jpg IMG_2095.jpg IMG_2096.jpg

Contact Info & Study Help

Questions, comments or concerns? email me at

Great websites for additional explanations, interactive reviews and extra practice

Both 7th & 8th

8th grade:

7th grade: 

(The chapter #'s might not match to our textbook but a great resource)

Weekly Agendas & Retakes

Select the correct grade level folder from my Locker to your left.  The weekly agenda is there and gives information on the classwork and homework for each day of the week.  They will remain there all semester if you need to go back and access them. 

Retake assignments will be given to you in class before you retake any test.