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7th grade Social Studies

CSUSM Field trip on Friday the 23rd

Please send your student with a lunch.  There will not be time to stop and buy food.

last day to accept unit 7A missing work

March 9th

unit 7A table of contents

1-26                         Unit 7A Maps                   pg. 1

1-26                         Ch 28 Pre-Reading          pg. 2

1-26                         Ch 28 Vocab Sort             pg. 3

1-26                          Ch 28 Study Guide           pg. 4

1-31                          Debrief                             pg. 5

1-31                         Ch 28 Class Quotes          pg. 6

2-1                           Ch 29 Pre-Reading           pg. 7

2-1                           Ch 29 Vocab Sort              pg. 8

2-1                            Ch 29 Study Guide           pg. 9

2-6                            Illustrated Letter                   pg. 10

2-12                       Ch 29 Class Quotes             pg. 11




homework/ classwork

This agenda is subject to change.


2-19, Monday

CW=No School

HW=**optional- work on the 7A study guide


2-20, Tuesday

CW= Ch 30 Class Quotes

HW=Unit 7A Study Guide Questions #1-8 (Use your Journal)


2-21, Wednesday

CW=Review for the Unit 7A test

HW=Study for the Test using your completed Study Guide


2-22, Thursday

CW= Unit 7A Test,  Your journal will be collected.



2-23, Friday (Bring a sack lunch if you need help with this- YOU MUST contact a teacher or a counselor)

CW= All of the 7th grade are going on a field trip to Cal State University San Marcos


2-26, Monday

CW= Chapter 31 Activity, and pre-reading, Vocab Sort

HW= Ch 31 Study Guide #1-3


2-27, Tuesday

CW=Ch 31 Reading Notes

HW=Study Guide #4-6


2-28, Wednesday
CW=Ch 31 Class Quotes
HW= Study For your Quiz

3-1, Thursday

CW= Ch 31 Quiz

HW=Ch 32 Unfinished Vocab Sort, Study Guide questions #1-2


3-2, Friday

CW=Google Slide Show