6th grade Social Studies

Inside the 6th SS room.

Agenda for 6th Social Science beginning Sep 15

Students can use evidence to support that Sumer was an ancient civilization.

Monday, Sep 15

CW= We passed back graded papers; wrote in our vocabulary words.
HW= Study vocab


DUE SEP 23rd Essential Question #2, and Ch 5 Test.  Students will not be able to start the EQ until around Thursday


Tuesday, Sep 16

CW[classwork]- We will take part in an activity and gather notes in our ISN looking for evidence of a civilization.

HW=study vocabulary

Wednesday, Sep 17
CW-Continue with Ch 5

HW= study vocab

Thursday, Sep 18

CW- Continue Ch 5

HW= Start EQ#2 Final copy will be in blue or black ink, typed, or shared through Google drive.  Students will write a paragraph using evidence to support their opinion.  (9 sentences)


Friday, Sep 19



Monday, Sep 22
CW- finish Ch 5 and Play review games

HW- Study for the Ch 5 test using ISN and Journal, and finish EQ if you have not already.


Tuesday, Sep 23

Chapter 5 test and EQ#2 due TODAY