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6th grade Social Studies

Week of April 21 Objective

The BIG IDEA Question:

How and why did Alexander the Great spread Greek culture?
You must use evidence from the video clip (you have the note taking sheet) and reading (you have a copy of) to support your claim.  


Characteristics of a Civilization cave2 p1.jpg cave3 p1.jpg cave4.jpg cave5.jpeg cave6.jpeg cave7.jpeg cave8.jpeg cave9.jpeg cave10.jpeg cave11.jpeg cave12.jpg cave13.jpg cave14.jpg cave15.jpg cave16.jpg cave17.jpg cave p1.jpg scroll p1.jpg scroll p2.jpg scroll p5.jpg scroll p6.jpg scroll p7.png pyramid 14_1.jpg pyramid 14_2.jpg felluca p2.jpg felluca p6.jpg Giza p1.jpg pharaoh.jpg GAO_0630.JPG Greece 6.jpg greece 1.JPG greece p_1.JPG
Status area

Agenda for 6th Social Science April 21 to April 25

Monday, April 21
STATE TESTING during social studies period

Tuesday, April 22
STATE TESTING during social studies period

Wed, April 23
State Testing during social studies period

Thurs, April 24
CW= Alexander the Great video and reading
HW= finish paragraph that answers the Big Idea Question

Fri, April 25
Alexander the Great paragraph due Today
CW= start Ch 31
EQs #2 and 3 due Wednesday April 30
Ch 31 Quiz April 30