6th grade Social Studies

Inside the 6th SS room.

Museum Day

It is finally here!!

Please bring the family and visit us during your student's social studies period.  We are located in rm. 701

Per. 1 8:15-9
Per. 2 9:15-10
Per. 3 10:15- 11
Per. 7 1:30- 2:10

Thank you for your support, Mrs. Dominguez

Agenda for 6th Social Science beginning Dec 8 to Dec 19

We will study and do well on our Semester Final.

Monday, Dec 8
CW- Unit 2 Timeline Challenge
HW- Finish the Semester 1 Final Study Guide

Tuesday, Dec 9
CW= Study Guide Check and Timeline Challenge
HW=Finish Timeline Challenge

Wednesday, Dec 10
CW=Bibliography preview and practice speeches and Geo challenge #3
HW= Study Semester Final Study Guide 

Thursday, Dec 11
CW= Review games
HW= Study for Final

Friday, Dec 12
Semester 1 Final today

We will do very well during our Museum Day.

Monday, Dec 15
CW= Geo challenge and Ch 13 vocab
HW= finish artifact, and bibliography and practice speech

Tuesday, Dec 16
CW= Geo Challenge and Ch 13 vocab
HW= finish artifact, bibliography, and practice speech

Wednesday, Dec 17
HW= Practice Speech

Thursday, Dec 18
CW=MUSEUM DAY- students will share their artifact and speech in a Museum style setting.  PARENTS ARE WELCOME DURING THEIR  CHILD'S SOCIAL STUDIES PERIOD IN ROOM 701.

Friday, Dec 19

Winter Break until January 6th