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7th grade Social Studies


Hello- I wanted all of you to know that on October 15, I will be at Parent Teacher Conferences until 5:15.  If you need to talk to me, but cannot make it before that time, please email me to schedule another time for us to meet about the concerns you have about your child.

 Thank you, Mrs. Dominguez

Words for Oral Tradition Simulation ISN pgs. 50-53

GREEN= marriage, Qur'an, Night Journey, Last Sermon

ORANGE= birth, cave, reject, Medinah

RED= orphan, Gabriel, followers, People of the Book

PINK=trader, Allah, boycott, battles


Objective for the week= Students will trace the origins of Islam and the life and teachings of Muhammad.

Oct. 5, Monday
CW- Ch 8 Activity
HW- Ch 8 SG #1-3, study for Quiz

Oct. 6, Tuesday
CW-Ch 8 Activity
HW-Ch 8 SG #4-5, Study for quiz

Oct. 7, Wednesday
CW- Ch 8 SG check, start Children's book
HW-Children's Book, Study for Quiz

Oct. 8, Thursday
CW-Ch 8 Class Quotes
HW-Finish Children's Book and study for Ch 8 Quiz

Oct. 9, Friday
CW- Children's Book Due TODAY, Ch 8 Quiz TODAY
HW- unfinished Ch 9 vocab sort and Ch 9 SG #1-2

Oct.12, Monday
CW- Ch 9 
HW- finish Study Guide

Oct. 13, Tuesday
CW- Study Guide check,
HW- Use study guide and essential questions to review for Ch 9 Quiz

Oct 14, Wednesday
CW-Ch 9 Quiz
HW- unfinished vocab sort 

Oct. 15, Thursday
CW-Ch 10 contribution poster
HW- contribution poster

Oct. 16., Friday 
CW- contribution poster (Due October 21)