6th grade Social Studies

Inside the 6th SS room.

Class work

We are traveling to a new region of the world.  We will be learning about the Egyptians, Kushites, and Hebrews.

Agenda for 6th Social Science beginning Oct 27 to Oct 31

Students can explain the social structure of ancient Egyptian society.

Monday, Oct 27

CW= Reading and taking Ch 9 notes
HW= Finish Ch 9 EQ #1,3, and 7


Tuesday, Oct 28

CW=  EQs due today; We start to work on our 'Help Wanted' posters due Friday as a quiz grade.

HW= If your group assigns you anything to print for the poster.


Wednesday, Oct 29

CW-Help wanted poster

HW= none


Thursday, Oct 30

CW- finish poster and practice for presentation

HW= none


Friday, Oct 31

CW-Help Wanted poster presentation
HW= go Trick or Treating