6th grade Social Studies

Inside the 6th SS room.

Agenda for 6th Social Science beginning April 13- April 24

Key standards to be met this week: Student can explain how Alexander the Great spread Greek culture. Students can explain how ancient Greeks affect us today.

Monday, April 13
CW- Alexander the Great Video and discussion
HW= Finish Alex the Great paragraph

Tuesday, April 14
CW= Alex the Great paragraph due today.  Start Ch 31
HW= work on Unit 5 Study Guide

Wednesday, April 15
CW=notes for Ch 31 and pass out Ch 31 process skill rubric
HW= finish Unit 5 study Guide

Thursday, April 16
CW=Unit 5 study guide check for the students that have a completed study guide and continue Ch 31

Friday, April 17
CW= Finish Ch 31 
HW= Ch 31 process skill

Monday, April 20
CW= review games for Unit 5 Assessment
HW= study for Unit 5 assessment

Tuesday, April 21
CW= Ch 31 process skill due today
HW= study for Unit 5 Assessment

Wednesday, April 22

Thursday, April 23
CW= Unit 5 Timeline Challenge
HW= unfinished Timeline Challenge

Friday, April 24
CW= Unit 6 Geography Challenge