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7th grade Social Studies

2nd Bull Dog PRIDE lunch

2nd Bull Dog PRIDE lunch



Nov. 16, Monday
CW- Ch 15 Activity
HW- Work on the Unit 3 Study guide

Nov. 17, Tuesday
CW- Hands on Vocabulary rotations

HW- Unit 3 Study Guide and unfinished ISN pg. 94

Nov. 18, Wednesday
CW-Review for Unit 3 Test
HW- Study for Unit 3 test

Nov. 19, Thursday Period 1 Snack Attack
CW-Start Unit 3 Constructed Response
HW- Finish Constructed Response

Nov. 20, Friday 
CW- Unit 3 Test TODAY 


See you November 30th- Happy Thanksgiving 


Nov. 30 , Monday
CW- Ch 16 Vocab sort and Geo Challenge #4 pg. 100-101
HW-unfinished Geo Challenge, Start Ch 16 Study Guide, Finish Vocab Sort

Dec. 1, Tuesday 
CW- Activity
HW-Study Guide 

Dec. 2, Wednesday
CW- Read and take notes in the ISN pgs. 104-106
HW-Study for Quiz

Dec. 3, Thursday
CW-Ch 16 Study Guide check and Ch 14 Class Quotes
HW-study for the Quiz

Dec. 4, Friday
CW-Ch 16 Quiz
HW- Ch 18 pre read and Vocab sort