6th grade Social Studies

Inside the 6th SS room.


Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep, and a good breakfast.  It is important to arrive to school on time or you will not be allowed to enter the testing room and will have to make up the test when everyone else is finished.  DO YOUR BEST!

Agenda for 6th Social Science beginning May 18- June 5

Key standards to be met this week: Student can describe the daily life of a Roman citizen.

Monday, May 18
CW- Finish ISN pgs. 242-246 and discuss graphic organizer
HW= unfinished Classwork, final study guide

Tuesday, May 19
CW= same as yesterday
HW= same as yesterday, final study guide

Wednesday, May 20
CW= If you finish your homework, you get to use in on the Ch 36 Quiz TODAY
HW= Final Study Guide

Thursday, May 21
CW= Ch 37
HW= final study guide

Friday, May 22
CW= Final study guide check and continue with Ch 37
HW= study for final

Monday, May 25
No School- Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 26
CW= Final review
HW= study for Final

Wednesday, May 27
CW= Final Review
HW= study for Final

Thursday, May 28
CW= Final Review
HW= study for Final

Friday, May 29
CW= Semester 2 Final and Journals are due

Monday, June 1- NO LATE START
CW= art

Tuesday, June 2
CW= extreme games

Wednesday, June 3
CW= fun

Thursday, June 4 MODIFIED DAY
Bring a board game to school to play with your friends

Friday, June 5 MODIFIED DAY
Last day of school