6th grade Social Studies

Inside the 6th SS room.


Have a wonderful break.  When we get back, we have 3 weeks left until the end of the semester.  I have passed out the Semester Final Study Guide.  The final will be on Dec 12.  I will assign mini due dates to complete the study guide when we come back from break.  This is not homework unless your child wants to get some of it done early.  The next 10 note cards for the Museum Project will be due on Dec 5.  Students need enough cards to speak about their project for 3 minutes during Museum Day.  On Dec 5, I will model how to create a rough draft of the bibliography.  I hope this answers some questions.  Again, Happy Thanksgiving, Mrs. Dominguez

Agenda for 6th Social Science beginning Nov 17 to Nov 21

We will work on our research for 2 days this week, and finish our Hebrew scrolls.

Monday, Nov 17
CW- using Chromebooks for website research.
HW- continue research

Tuesday, Nov 18
CW= create Hebrew scrolls
HW= continue research for Museum Day project

Wednesday, Nov 19
CW=finish Scrolls
HW= continue research for Museum Day project

Thursday, Nov 20
CW= research day in class with Chromebooks and book cart

Friday, Nov 21
10 cards note cards due for research project

CW= students will share their scrolls with a small group of class mates and gather notes in their ISN for the other important Hebrew leaders.