6th grade Social Studies

Inside the 6th SS room.


I hope everyone had a wonderful summer.  The most important supplies that your child needs are a spiral notebook, and an enclosed pencil sharpener to start the year.  A list will come home on the first day of other items.  Please read my web page on a regular basis and keep track of your child's grades.  We don't want any surprises when the progress report comes home.


Mrs. Dominguez

Agenda for 6th Social Science beginning Aug 18


Monday, Aug 18

CW[classwork]- finish Geo Challenge #1, and take notes in journal

HW[homework]- study for World Map test on Friday


Tuesday, Aug 19
CW-continue notes in journal
HW- study for the World Map test on Friday


Wednesday, Aug 20
CW-notes in journal
HW- Study for Map Test on Friday


Thursday,Aug 21

CW-Start Chapter 1

HW-Study for Map test tomorrow


Friday, Aug 22

[Bring a flash light if you can}

CW- Chapter 1