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Alternate Assignment for The Giver Film

Day Two:  Copy and paste the link below into your internet browser and watch the video version of Ray Bradbury's "All Summer in a Day" short story.

Fill in your comparison chart as you watch -- listing key setting, character, and plot details.  You will be turning this chart in to Mrs. Ross.


Tomorrow,  In part three you will be writing a constructed response comparing the text to its filmed version.

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Our Current Unit Focus: ARGUMENT (Reading, Writing, and Speaking)

We are writing the ARGUMENT ESSAY in class.  Please see the notes/handouts below (especially if you've been absent or are missing one!).  These are the handouts/notes for our current unit.

Articles for the Argument Essay 

Argument Essay Graphic Organizer (Pre-Write)

How to Write the Introduction

Essay Outline (How to write the body paragraphs)

How to Write the Conclusion

Self-Edit Checklist (Do you have everything?)


Argument Notes (powerpoint)

Argument Notation






7th Grade Weekly Classwork and HW


  Mon 5/4 Tues 5/5 Wed 5/6 Thurs 5/7 Fri 5/8                   

Biography Reading

Assessment #1

have your book

in class)



Launch iProject:

due June 1st 

The Giver compare

and contrast novel

to film

The Giver compare 

and contrast novel 

to film


Animal Testing

Argument practice


iProject part 1 

due Friday!


Keep reading your 

biography book!



In Class: checking 

iProject part 1


Current Assignments

Outside Reading Requirement:

We will be taking a break from outside reading while we read our core literature novel, Lois Lowry's The Giver.  We will resume outside reading May 1st -- please have your biography book in class on May 1st!