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Mrs. Ross' Class

Last Day to Turn in any Missing Work/Essay Re-writes: Monday, June 1st

Please check Infinite Campus to make sure you are not missing any work.  All work must be submitted to Mrs. Ross by the end of the day on Monday, June 1st.  This includes make-up/missing work and essay re-writes.

7th Grade Weekly Classwork and HW


  Mon 5/25


Tues 5/26 


Wed 5/27 Thurs 5/28 Fri 5/29          



No School! :)


due June 1st 

District Final

Exam Day 1

District Final

Exam Day 2

District Final

Exam Day 3


iProject part 4

due Friday!





District Final

Exam Day 4

In Class:


iProject part 4


Alternate Assignment for The Giver Film

Day Two:  Copy and paste the link below into your internet browser and watch the video version of Ray Bradbury's "All Summer in a Day" short story.

Fill in your comparison chart as you watch -- listing key setting, character, and plot details.  You will be turning this chart in to Mrs. Ross.


Tomorrow,  In part three you will be writing a constructed response comparing the text to its filmed version.

Our Current Unit Focus: ARGUMENT (Reading, Writing, and Speaking)

We are writing the ARGUMENT ESSAY in class.  Please see the notes/handouts below (especially if you've been absent or are missing one!).  These are the handouts/notes for our current unit.

Articles for the Argument Essay 

Argument Essay Graphic Organizer (Pre-Write)

How to Write the Introduction

Essay Outline (How to write the body paragraphs)

How to Write the Conclusion

Self-Edit Checklist (Do you have everything?)


Argument Notes (powerpoint)

Argument Notation