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Mrs. Ross' Class

Mrs. Ross is on Maternity Leave

Dear Parents/Guardians of My Wonderful Students,

As you are probably aware, I will be taking my maternity leave, beginning after the Thanksgiving break (I made it!).  A long term substitute teacher, Mrs. Martin (who is also an English teacher J) will be taking over my Language Art classes while I am away.  Please email her at if you have any questions or concerns while I am out.  You will still be able to access grades and homework online through Infinite campus, and my webpage off the school website, as Mrs. Martin will continue to update your student’s information.

Please feel free to still contact me if you or your student needs anything at my same email:! I will be missing your students and will be very excited to return; I expect to be back in February!      

Take Care,

Rachel Ross

7th Grade Weekly Classwork and HW


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My Email:

Email is the best way to contact me.  If you have concerns or questions and would like to meet, please email me and I will be happy to set up an appointment.  My email is

Calendar (Go to "Weekly Agendas" to see the homework)

Our Current Unit Focus: Reading Literature for Plot and Theme

Please see the notes/handouts below (especially if you've been absent or are missing one!).  These are the handouts/notes for our current unit (I will continue to add to this list as our unit progresses!).


Click here for the texts of we are reading in Illustrated Man -- for students to read at home


Types of Conflict PowerPoint

Conflict Notes (put in your LA notebook)

Parts of Plot Notes (use to fill in the handout I gave you)

Point of View Notes

Theme Notes

Figurative Language Notes (simile, metaphor, idiom...)

Dialogue Notes





Current Assignments

This Week's Reading and Writing

Nothing Posted

Outside Reading Requirement:

We will be taking a break from IRQs while Mrs. Ross is out on maternity leave.  Weekly outside reading in a genre-specific novel will still be expected and assessed in class through Friday Exit Slips.  Click on the link below to see a Friday Exit Slip!

Friday Exit Slips (independent reading assessment)