Current Assignments

Ashley Rasmussen

Please See the Physical Education Website

Grading and General Information

Grade Breakdown

Daily Performance (@10 points)

Runs Days (@ 20 points)

Mile Runs (@ 50 points)

3K (@ 50 points)

Fitness Assessments (@ 100 points)

* point scale subject to change this is the best estimate for the semester

For Your Information

  • All runs must be made up with a Vail Ranch PE teacher even if you have a parent note or an absence.
  • Non-Suits will receive a point reduction for Daily Performance Points, but must see us before the class period to borrow clothing
  • Absences, Non-Suits, Parent Notes must be made up
  • Grades are posted daily, please see a teacher if points are missing for make-up opportunities.

Notes, Absences, Injury or Illness

  • Parent Excuses must have a note and you MUST DRESS even if you will not be participating.
  • You must make up all points missed; you will not be excused from the points just because you have a note or are absent. You are still responsible to earn your grade.
  • If you cannot participate in PE for at least 70% of the semester you will be given a No Mark.
  • Doctor’s Notes
    • Must indicate restrictions. You may not return to PE until your Doctor clears you.
    • Any Dr. note with activity restriction may result in you reporting to the library.
  • Parent Notes
    • You must still dress and you will receive a “0” which can be made up through 30 minutes of aerobic activity signed off by your parents/guardian.
    •  After the 3rdday you must have a Dr’s note.