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Mrs. Lisa Linn 6th grade  

Language Arts & Social Studies

Language Arts

Wednesday, April 16

 If you didn't turn in your CH.3 summary today -tomorrow is last chance!

Using the questions we discussed in class, write a short summary of chapter 3. Your topic sentence must include the title of the book properly capitalized and underlined, the chapter number and the central idea of the chapter. Additionally, your concluding sentence should relate back to the topic and tie the paragraph together.

Re-do "mean" word annotations if you need to.

2.  Using the annotations you already wrote for chapters one and two, fill in the first section of the "Character Changes Over Time" for chapter 1 - 3. You do not need to write out whole sentences, just short phrases and individual words. For longer citations, just use the most important words, making sure you include the page number after it (0). 

Social Studies

Wednesday, April 16

Complete ISN pg 177 if you didn't finish in class.
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