Ms. Pratt

Degrees and Credentials

Masters in Education: United States International University

Bachelors in History and a Women's Studies Minor: California State University San Marcos

Liberal Arts Certificate: California State University San Marco

Multiple Subject California Teaching Credential

Supplemental Teaching Credential in Language Arts and Social Science

Ms. Pratt 6th Grade Social Studies

1st Semster Final Review

Navigating Social Science

What’s in the notebook ? In your child’s notebook, you will find word sorts, vocabulary focus, Cornell or outline notes, summaries, and rough drafts. Summaries are in the back of the notes packet.

How ...more

GOOGLE Classroom Tutorials

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom for student.

Google Classroom for parents ...more

How to access comments in GOOGLE Classroom Grades

1. Students will need to log into their GOOGLE account via GOOGLE (this information should be in their planner about 4 pages in)

2. Username: 10 digit ID

3. Password: (is your ...more

Current Assignments

Assigned: 12/11/17 Due: 12/11/17


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