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Ms. Pratt 6th Grade Social Studies

Chapter 15 Acrostic Assessment

Several students either did not follow the directions for the acrostic or did not provide enough explanation of understanding of a topic to received credit for a  topic.


If you need to redo please follow the directions. Thank you.



  1. Use sentences for each letter that describe/explain the terms: Brahman, multiple gods, dharma, karma and samsara

  2. Additionally, describe 3 ways Hinduism affects life in India, which were discussed in the last two or last paragraph (s) of each section topic
  3. Hinduism is NOT one of the topics rather attributes associated with Hinduism.
  4. Make sure you description/explanation is clear to the reader.

Unit 3 Ancient India Exam Quizlet

The Mauryan Empire and King Ashoka - Video _ Reading Article The Mauryan Empire and Ashoka

Pilgrimage Vocabulary

A pilgrimage is a journey to a religious site. The journey usually includes some sort to struggle.

See below for a list of the top holy sites. Your graphic novel should include not only where you are going, but why you are going.

Graphic Novel Vocabulary Simplified

First: Write text for each panel first

Second: Speech Bubbles for each panel should be a supporting fact for the text in the panel

NO Question and Answer statements

Third: Illustrate your panels

Fourth: Color your illustrations


Further directions in the locker under social science, vocabulary.




1st: The topic sentence should contain the central idea from the introduction


2nd:  Answer each of the focus questions from each section of the notes. One must have the subject of the sentence in their answer to make a complete sentence. Additionally, textual evidence must also be provided in the same sentence or in the next sentence.


3rd: The conclusion is to state how the evidence they have provided proves the central idea from their topic sentence.


MUGS: mechanics, usage, grammar and spelling



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