Ms. Pratt

Degrees and Credentials

Masters in Education: United States International University

Bachelors in History and a Women's Studies Minor: California State University San Marcos

Liberal Arts Certificate: California State University San Marco

Multiple Subject California Teaching Credential

Supplemental Teaching Credential in Language Arts and Social Science

Ms. Pratt 6th Grade Social Studies

Ancient Rome

Updated Policies and Procedures for Classwork, Homework , Unit Exams and No Names

Dear Families,


A reminder that In class assignments are given with ample time for students to complete in class and turn in their assignments on time. In order to hold students more accountable students who do not complete their "in class" work must attend a "study session" at break, lunch or after school within two days of the assignment being submitted in class. Students will need to sign a log when they come in to complete their work and the date they turned in their "late" assignment and obtain my signature. Work turned in without attending a "study session" will not be accepted. Absences are subject to district policy of 2 days for every day absent. 


Homework is given until the end of the unit; however "late work" will be assigned a detention; 1 late homework assignment break detention, 2 late homework assignments lunch detention, 3 late homework assignments after school detention. No names will fall under the same category as late homework. Students will need to sign a log when they turn in their late work or no name work and the date they turned in their "late" assignment and obtain my signature.


A reminder the 6th grade social studies policy on late work is that "late work" may NOT be turned in after the end of the Unit of Study. We are almost at the end of China and students are trying to submit India work.  The work given during the unit of study is to provide a foundational understanding and application of knowledge.


Students may not re-do in class assignments, unless instructed by the teacher, as the students are given directions, examples and re-direction in class. 


Unit exams must be retaken within 2 weeks of the initial exam as Unit exams are typically posted within 24 hours. Students may retake with me on Tuesdays in PRIDE, after school 2:45 3:15 daily or in the school office Tuesdays or Fridays before school, after school, or lunch. In order to retake an exam in the office students must fill our a retake form, with the teacher, 48 hours advance.



Thank you for allowing your student to take on this responsibility. 


Ms. Pratt  

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1st: The topic sentence should contain the central idea from the introduction


2nd:  Answer each of the focus questions from each section of the notes. One must have the subject of the sentence in their answer to make a complete sentence. Additionally, textual evidence must also be provided in the same sentence or in the next sentence.


3rd: The conclusion is to state how the evidence they have provided proves the central idea from their topic sentence.


MUGS: mechanics, usage, grammar and spelling