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Mrs. Twiss

New Year

Welcome back from the hopefully restful two week break. Hope everyone enjoyed their time off. Grades start over, everyone has a fresh start! They have been in class for a semester and know what it takes to be a successful student, I am looking forward to students earn the best grades they can!

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Minute to Win it Sept 13th

Helpful Info

Retakes/Makeups will be done on Tuesday's at lunch, if I don't have to do intervention then retakes will be during PRIDE that same day. You must have a retake form done if you want to retake a quiz you did poorly on.

- In order to take a retake, students must fill out a retake form <----- In the locker or available in class. (This requires a parent signature and a few questions to be answered. This will prevent students deciding that day that they want to retake a quiz they have not studied for.)


Homework Calendar


We will have homework on most nights, please check to make sure that your child has completed the homework that has been assigned for that night. They can also be studying for upcoming quizzes.

Weekly Homework Calendar

Ch 34 SGQ's 1 & 2 Assignment
Ch 34 SGQ's 3 & 4 Assignment
Ch 34 SGQ's 5 & 6 Assignment

Study Guide Grading


Study Guides are not graded for accuracy, but graded on completion. If study guides are not done chances are that the quiz grade will not be as good as it could be!

Questions are assigned on a nightly basis. The following day students will receive stamps for completing the assigned questions on time. The day of the quiz, study guides are turned in.

Study guides are graded based on stamps and corrections made in red pen.
1 point per stamp and 1 point for making corrections.
If a student has no stamps they will automatically be given half credit.
If a student is absent when the study guide is stamped, it is up to them to ask for the stamps they were absent for.

In order for students to participate in Review Jeopardy for the Semester Final, they must have all study guides completed and with them. There will be NO study guide given for the semester final!