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Extra Credit: Due Monday, April 6th- No exceptions!

Extra Credit
Creating a Board Game of Enlightenment

(Due when we get back from Spring Break- Monday, April 6th.

Must be turned in April 6th... if you are out sick find a friend to get it to school for you!)


Activity: Choose one classmate to work with or work alone to create a trivia game about the Enlightenment. A trivia game features a variety of questions from different categories.


Strategies for a successful game: Consider which categories of questions to include, determine how difficult the questions should be, and practice writing clear questions and answers. You will also need to come up with rules for playing and scoring.


1. Preparing the game

  • Choose three to five categories for your questions. Categories might include (all are from Chapter 35): The Roots of the Enlightenment, Thomas Hobbes: Absolute Rule by Kings, John Locke, Natural Rights, Baron De Montesquieu: Separation of Powers, Voltaire: Religious Tolerance and Free Speech, Cesare Beccaria: The Rights of the Accused, The Impact of Enlightenment on Government, and Women of the Enlightenment
  • Gather research. Use your textbook and the internet as well as other books and encyclopedia articles about the Renaissance to write questions and answers.
  • Write the questions and answers. You will probably need about 10 questions in each category. Questions should be short, should have a single correct answer, and should be easy enough for most students to answer. Make your questions true-false, simple answer, fill in the blank, or multiple choice. Write each question on a card and put the answer on the back
  • Determine your rules. You will need to decide what the goal of the game is. Does winning team have to complete a certain number of questions, or do teams get points for answering questions correctly in order to achieve a certain point total?

2. Creating a game board

  • Make a clear starting place. Where do teams begin the game?
  • Have colors for each category. Make each category a different color and color code the question cards to match the game board. You will need a dice, or a game spinner as well.



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Homework Calendar


We will have homework on most nights, please check to make sure that your child has completed the homework that has been assigned for that night. They can also be studying for upcoming quizzes.

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Study Guide Grading


Study Guides are not graded for accuracy, but graded on completion. If study guides are not done chances are that the quiz grade will not be as good as it could be!

Questions are assigned on a nightly basis. The following day students will receive stamps for completing the assigned questions on time. The day of the quiz, study guides are turned in.

Study guides are graded based on stamps and corrections made in red pen.
1 point per stamp and 1 point for making corrections.
If a student has no stamps they will automatically be given half credit.
If a student is absent when the study guide is stamped, it is up to them to ask for the stamps they were absent for.

In order for students to participate in Review Jeopardy for the Semester Final, they must have all study guides completed and with them. There will be NO study guide given for the semester final!